Sunday, August 16, 2015

Different Double Glazed Window Styles that Exist

If you are a homeowner looking to replace the existing windows in your house, there are different double glazed window products that you can consider. The Window glass glazing products for residential and commercial properties render impressive energy saving benefits. There are two panes of glass in the double glazed windows and the space in between these two panes is sandwiched with either krypton or argon gas. This will create the necessary pressure in order to stop the air from getting into the space between the two glass panes. Here are some popular types of double glazed windows.

Double hung: This is quite easy to clean as it is designed that way. Also, it provides superior levels of ventilation. The double hung window is simple to handle, and you simply have to raise the window to open and lower it to close. It gives a traditional appearance, and it is ideal for the multi-storey buildings.

Casement: This type of window is designed to be opened like a door, and it has hinges on one side. This type of window is the second most energy efficient one making it suitable for the household purposes. Due to the nature of the window that opens outwards, its outer edges will wear over time as it is exposed to different elements.

Tilt and Turn: This window is of a great style, and it can be opened either by slightly tilting it or turning it outwards completely to open it fully. Such windows are kid-friendly as there is no chance of falling out accidentally by tilting it open slightly. It will also avoid finger traps that are common in the case of standard designed windows. It is also clean from inside and outside.

Georgian bar: This type of window is suitable for traditionally styled buildings. It will add class and character to the property. These windows replicate the appearance of the Georgian and Victorian period homes. With double glazing, these windows add insulation and security features as well.


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